Inventory Level Optimization — Predictive model building.

Demand forecasting for an E-commerce shop with over 1 Million products.

Analyzed large inventory datasets. Determined the rate of change and the movement of products in the inventory. Build statistical and machine learning models using historical data to forecast demand and optimize inventory levels.


Music Genre Classification AppA Webapp to classify music based on genres.


This project was featured on Github Trending for Python language.

Used various machine learning classification algorithms like logistic regression, Nearest Neighbor, Support Vector Machine to classify music based on genres. Made a web app using Python, Django and AngularJS.

Time-SparkA python package for time series analysis in Spark

Time Spark

Music Genre ClassificationA Python package

Developed a python package for music genre classification. This package contains modules for feature extraction, classification using Support Vector Machine, cross validation, best-combination and modules for finding accuracy.

Audio Spectrum Visualizer in OpenGLReal time audio power spectrum using OpenGL.

audio spectrum visualizer

This project was featured on Github Trending for C language.

Used Fast Fourier transform to generate the power spectrum of an audio and visualize it in real time using OpenGL.

Anagram Solver AppA web app written in Python to solve scrambled words.

Sudoku Solver in C++A simple command line Sudoku Solver